Roma Sparita Ristorante Pizzeria

is a family owned & operated business which was established in September 2014.

The Head Chef (Emad),  Pizza Cook (Malak) and Restaurant Manager (Sue) are all dedicated to
bring the best quality to your table.


The name 'Roma Sparita' is a term used in Italy to describe how old Rome is vanishing with the decay of many
famous sites like the Colliseum and the Forum.

We disagree.  Rome and all that Italy has to offer will never vanish.

It has inspired us to take it to the next level through cooking classic Italian style dishes presenting
them in a Mediterranean twist.

Our Head Chef, Emad, trained in Spain and has been in the hospitality industry for over 10 years.

Since moving to Perth he has been a part of the Forge cook book with many of WA's  top Chefs.

The West Australian Newspaper has reported on Emad's work and his

fine dining, Spanish, Mediterranean, French, North African cuisine influences.

We are very proud to have Emad as Head Chef and part-owner at Roma Sparita Ristorante Pizzeria.


Pizza Chef and part owner Malak has 15 years experience aqnd was taught the art of great pizza baking
by one of the
WA's best Italian (born and raised) chefs.

Our Classic pizzas feature traditional hand-made pastry, the freshest selected ingredients, our secret
sauce base and are cooked in our wood-fired oven at a precise temperature. This produces
mouth-watering pizzas and though the work is hard and hot work, the results are worth it!


The Restaurant Manager, Malak's sister Sue (and Emad's wife), makes everyone feel welcome.

With 8 years experience in the Hospitality Industry she prides herself on ensuring all the customers are

treated like friends and leave with a lasting memory of a great time.

She believes first impressions are highly important for a restaurant and she offers her personal
guarantee of  service with a smile.

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